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How to draw basic box perspectives that are the fundamentals for drawing any product design out there.

The basic volumes which are the building blocks for anything you will draw from now on in your design career.

Draw simple product design objects, get used to the feel and graphics of product design.

How to use these simple volumes to create a elegant volume composition.

Take things further and apply these composition principles with real life objects.

Draw an d design a detailed electric drill, represent it in triple projection, perspective and axonometric section.

Take your understanding of design materials to the next level by drawing a weird rotation object made of stainless steel, wood and glass.

Draw and design a playground castle – a key assignment where you will apply both product design and composition principles.

Short recap on correct perspective and basic volume shadows

Shift your sketching scale and design totems as well product design pavilions

Draw unconventional and original product packaging for bottles, fruit as well as patterns for any box wrapping

Draw and design original, detailed shelving units for any room

Design abstract vases as examples of bespoke product design

Expand your visual culture for drawing interior design objects

Get advanced line drawing graphics by sketching futuristic starship and helmet designs

Learn to draw concept car designs and get used to balancing of vehicle aergonomics and aesthetics

Get used to conceptual sketching by drawing futuristic robot designs with curved geometry and a lot of detailing


Course Features

  • Lectures 15
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration > 100 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 434
  • Assessments Yes
  • Fundamentals 7

    Get this solid foundation first, then move to the next areas of drawing product design.

    • Axonometrics And Triple Projection 45 min
    • Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches 01 hour 35 min
    • Constructed Shadows Axonometrics 02 hour 10 min
    • Cube On Diagonal 58 min
    • Fundamental Box Perspectives 25 min
    • Constructed Perspective 01 hour 38 min
    • Inner Game Of Architectural Drawing 32 min
  • Product Design Sketching 8

    • Bottles 11 min
    • Backpacks 01 hour 01 min
    • Vase Design 19 min
    • Head 57 min
    • Trainers 12 min
    • Cups 51 min
    • Watch Sketching 42 min
    • Functioning (Exploded Perspectives) 16 min


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