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How To Draw Like A Real Architect
  •  Master all types of architectural drawings
  •  Be able to better communicate your ideas visually 
  •  Be stronger in your creative thinking
  •  300+ page Ebook of architectural drawing lessons
  •  Download Ebook – 21 Essential lessons to master arch drawing and design
 Meet Your Architectural Drawing Tutor  
Michael Neatu
Michael Neatu has been teaching traditional drawing media for the last ten years and has helped hundreds of architects, designers and future students of architecture get their architectural drawing and design skills to the next level and beyond.
What You’ll Take Away from The “Draw Like A Real Architect” Ebook
  • Upgrade the way you feel, see and understand architecture.
  • “From zero to hero” in architectural drawing – Learn fundamental and advanced concepts for graphics.
  •  Step-by-step, straightforward, in-detail approach to learning drawing.
  •  Become more creative and expressive by mastering freehand drawing.
  •  Grow you 3D vision and problem solving skill by mastering technical drawing.
Be able to draw anything you come across in your architectural career.
 Be able to draw anything architecture-related. Master freehand and technical drawing, be able to take on any drawing assignment you might come across in your professional career.
Develope your own unique drawing style. 
 Learn how to visually express anything you imagine through freehand or technical drawing. Get all you ideas on paper, develope your own unique drawing style and express your own architectural vision.
Come up with ideas on the spot for all you designs, just by sketching.  
 Take your architecture creativity to the next level. Use your drawing skills to grow your own unique architecture vision. Be able to express all your ideas through mastering freehand and technical drawing.

“Draw Like A Real Architect” 

Lesson Plan 

Lesson #1 – Fundamental Box Perspectives

Get a thorough understanding of perspective: how to draw different objects correctly in perspective and how perspective points work.

Lesson #2 – Axonometrics And Triple Projection

Finally understand technical drawing as it boils down to two-dimensional technical drawing (triple projection) and three-dimensional technical drawing (axonometrics).

Lesson #3 – Cube And Prism Building Sketches

Get better skills in the drawing by learning how to sketch a simple box and prism house and then render it in pencil or crayons on A3 format.

Lesson #4 – Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches

Learn how to draw the cylinder, prism, cube, sphere and cone in perspective, triple projection and axonometric. This will help you visually break down and understand buildings, objects and anything you see around you.

Lesson #5 – Conceptual Drawing: Simple Volumes Composition

Use what we have learned in the previous lessons on simple volumes and we will combine everything into a simple abstract architectural composition.

Lesson #6 – Constructed Shadows Axonometrics

Learn how to construct a complex isometric model with correct cast shadows, shading and draw it all in 2B pencil on a large A2 format.

Lesson #7 – The Classical Orders Of Architecture

Learn the theory and how to draw the three classical orders of classical architecture: doric, ionic, corinthian.

Lesson #8 – Barrel Vaults Axonometrics

Develop three dimensional vision and expand your understanding of space by drawing all the 24 variations of the standard barrel vault in isometric representation.

Lesson #9 – Real Life Objects Composition

Expand your freehand sketching and composition with drawing an architectural composition with simple objects that you see in day-to-day life.

Lesson #10 – Cube On Diagonal

This is your first official descriptive geometry assignment which will upgrade the way your logical brain thinks and problem solves architecture.

Lesson #11 – Constructed Perspective

This is the fundamental of all abilities of drawing and must to all architects in the world – constructed perspective has been discovered in the Renaissance times and is used to accurately depict architectural space.

Lesson #12 – Spatial Vision Axonometrics

Your mind needs to graps objects in three dimensions and the best way to get that is with several 3D vision axonometrics that will just melt your brain (and get you smarter).

Lesson #13 – Conceptual Drawing: Self-Portrait Composition

This is where you get your own creative ideas out there, as through the self-portrait composition you will create a drawing which tells everything about your own vision of the world and architecture.

Lesson #14 – Four Types Of Axonometric

This lesson will put your technical drawing abilities to the test as you will have to imagine a complex architectural volume represented in four different types of axonometric.

Lesson #15 – Barrel Vault Pavilion

We will use what we have have learned in the barrel vaults assignment to design a small pavilion and draw it in plan, section, axonometric and constructed perspective.

Lesson #16 – Descriptive Geometry Axonometrics

We will take our understanding of descriptive geometry and technical drawing further by drawing two simple assignments that use both technical skills and the simple volumes graphics from early on the course.

Lesson #17 – Landscape Architecture:Trees And Shrubs

Green entourage is the key for creating interesting drawings, so we will discuss trees and shrubs entourage examples for anything: perspectives, plans, facades and so on.

Lesson #18 – People Sketches Entourage

Not knowing how to draw the human figure is a huge sticking point for most architects. You will get past this sticking point really fast as we discuss how to draw people as architectural entourage and as a graphics exercise in detail.

Lesson #19 – Chair Design Study

Study three chair designs that will test your knowledge on product design and how to understand the logic and draw objects with different materials.

Lesson #20 – Interior Design: Kitchen And Dining Area

Imagine the layout of a simple kitchen with adjacent dining area and draw everything in isometric and constructed one point perspective (lots of detailing included).

Lesson #21 – Urban Square And Tower

Design a simple urban square with a collonade and tower design as well as the adjacent urban tissue then draw it in isometric, frontal view and eye-level perspective.
INCLUDING: Tips&Tricks on
 How to Get Past the Inevitable Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Pitfalls you will Encounter with Architecture
  •  How to stop misinterpreting drawing techniques and not get sidetracked.
  •  How to construct all your perspectives flawlessly.
  •  Why to not get trapped in the small details of drawing.
  •  The truth about good ideas and how to always get them.
  •  Why to stop being attached too intensely to your own creative ideas.
  •  Why to stop analysing drawing in your mind, instead of actually doing it.
  •  How to consistently get good results with all your work.
  •  How to tackle on drawing assignments that seem impossible and far beyond your capacities.
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About Working With Me

Evghenii P, Architecture Student

Hey Michael, just wanted to let you know my portfolio was accepted and I’m officially in my first year of architecture school!

People usually take drawing classes here for two years, but I managed to make it happen within three months of following your drawing lessons and scored a 75% which lands me in the top of my year!
Thank you Michael, you are a really good tutor!
Nigel M, Assistant Architect

Man I was struggling for three years, trying to figure this stuff out… and you explained everything in a couple of hours time!

Thanks again Michael, I can definitely say now I’m confident enough to mix hand-rendered graphics with all my presentations!
Simone L, Architecture Student

My examiners were shocked when they found out I started drawing lessons just a bit over two months ago.

Nonetheless, got accepted at a really good architecture school.
REALLY looking forward to starting uni. THANK YOU for all your help!
Cezara G, Assistant Architect

From experience, an architecture portfolio without this kind of hand drawings has no chance of making a positive first impression because the employers can easily notice the lack of skill on behalf of the author.

I highly recommend your trainings to everyone who wants to better their portfolio and land their dream job in architecture. I did and it’s great!
Felix M, Part II RIBA Architect

Hi Michael! Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help improving my drawing skills. You really reignited my passion for drawing and I feel like I now have comprehensive understanding of the foundations I needed to take my hand drawings to the next level.

Learning proper composition has really made a difference. Thanks again for being so patient and not giving up on me!
Jamal A, Assistant Architect
Yo Michael! These drawing lessons of yours are in a league of their own! Sick, man! Thanks for the lessons on perspective and for drawing all those crazy modernists houses – that’s what got me through undergrad.

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I know you are serious on getting good and from experience I know you want to get those assignments printed off and ready to used each and every time. All 21 form like a in-detail workbook and you will be happy to hear that you get all 21, printer ready so to have everything backing you up.

Bonus #2 – Extra Videos On 

Drawing Constructed Perspective
Constructed one point and two point perspectives are more counter-intuitive and need a bit more explaining, so I put together for you a couple of videos from my “Advanced Drawing And Design” course where you get to see in HD video format how to draw each of the steps to a constructed perspective and you get examples and references for your own work.

Bonus #3 – Access To “Draw Like A Real Architect” VIP Facebook Group

Doing all of this alone is fine, but to really get the most out of this investment you need to be surounded by a plethora of like minded people that are equally as passionate and motivated to master architectural drawing.. ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. You get full VIP lifetime access.
One Week From Now You Could Have Already Finished
The First 4 Lessons and
Get The ‘Drawing Like A Real Architect’ Ebook for

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Look, for me getting you the result you want with drawing is something personal, alright?

I know the work I put into this book is my absolute best and I fully believe it can change your life.
But if for any reason, within 30 days of your purchase you do not find “Draw Like A Real Architect” to be what you are looking for, then I 100% understand and hey, you know what? Fair is fair.

I will offer you a full 100% guarantee, no-questions-asked refundas well as you can keep the book as my gift to you.

No compromises here, either you master architectural drawing or you pay nothing!

  • 21 Lessons – 10 Hours/Lesson
  • Tips&Tricks
  • Bonus #1 – All 21 Drawing Lessons In Print-Ready PDF
  • Bonus #2 – Extra Videos On Drawing Constructed Perspective
  • Bonus #3 – Access To “Draw Like A Real Architect” VIP Facebook Group
Draw Like A Real Architect

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  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 71
  • Assessments Yes


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Hi, I’m Michael Neatu, I am an RIBA Architect and for the last 5 years I have taught over 500 live students as well as 7000-9000 online students via my video trainings.

With my guidance, you eliminate the guesswork and self-doubt around architectural drawing and will you step by step start unleashing your full architecture potential.


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