Architecture Sketching

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  • Duration 50 hours
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You need to master architectural sketching as a key tool for generating new concepts on the spot or for visually communicating your ideas.

In this course we will go through all the fundamental architecture sketching and take key steps towards forming your own sketching style.

Some of these sketches are final drawings in themselves, some of them are initial ideas that I used for later large drawings or designs – regardless, they will act as a solid base for mastering architecture sketching.


How you will change:

  •  Be more comfortable in drawing by freehand and get a sharper freehand line drawing,
  •  Get used to thinking with pen on paper and build an essential knowledge base in architecture sketching
  •  Get a solid graphics style for quick, expressive sketches.

What you will learn:

  • Learn the fundamentals and sketch a cube and prism house.
  • Sketch pavilion designs with unusual geometry and concepts.
  • Sketch three interpretations of the same volumetry for an office building design.
  • Draw four types of houses (you can use a ruler here to get more clarity).
  • Sketch perspectives and objects for kitchen design.
  • Sketch perspectives and objects for living.
  • Learn to draw essential material textures.
  • Study and draw fundamental urban design principles.
  • Sketch mesopotamian and paleolithic architecture.
  • Sketch ancient greek architecture.
  • Sketch early modernist, expressionist and art deco buildings.

Look, learning sketching isn’t for everyone – if you want to stick to just using software and ignore the little voice in your head that says there is more to design and drawing, then I wish you all the best!

I would argue against that – software is at the end of the day a dead end and it will not help you build your own unique vision in arch drawing and architecture.



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