Architecture Sketching Mastery

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Learn the fundamentals and sketch a cube and prism house

Sketch pavilion designs with unusual geometry and concepts

Sketch three interpretations of the same volumetry for an office building design

Draw four types of houses (you can use a ruler here to get more clarity)

Sketch perspectives and objects for kitchen design

Sketch perspectives and objects for living

Learn to draw essential material textures

Study and draw fundamental urban design principles

Sketch Mesopotamian and paleolithic architecture

Sketch ancient greek architecture

Sketch early modernist, expressionist and art deco buildings

Course Features

  • Lectures 28
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration > 100 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 318
  • Assessments Yes
  • Fudamentals 6

    • Fundamental Box Perspectives 25 min
    • Constructed Perspective 01 hour 38 min
    • Axonometrics And Triple Projection 45 min
    • Simple Volumes Projection, Axonometrics And Sketches 01 hour 35 min
    • Constructed Shadows Axonometrics 02 hour 10 min
    • Spatial Vision Axonometrics 02 hour 01 min
  • Architecture History 6

  • Sketching Architecture 11

    • Organic Architecture 1 17 min
    • Organic Pavilions 14 min
    • Layout Plan 55 min
    • Sections 02 hour 43 min
    • Row Housing 01 hour 11 min
    • Aerial Sketches 15 min
    • Social Housing 18 min
    • Container Architecture 18 min
    • Infill 16 min
    • Six Graphics Styles 33 min
    • Trees And Shrubs Entourage 03 hour 12 min
  • Tablet Sketching 5

    • Rocks 05 min
    • Church 07 min
    • Entourage 09 min
    • Modern Architecture I 09 min
    • Modern Architecture II 08 min


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5 ratings

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    5 stars

    Because the course is what I expected


    Well, I'm still going through the course. Till now my experience has been good. The lectures are easy to understand. Of course practice is required to master each topic but Mr. Neatu just made this course so interesting that you feel like doing more and more. I am currently preparing for my SATs and Toefl exam so that I can get into a top American college for Architecture. So even though I started from scratch, this course is quite easy to go through with significant details. So obviously I gave 5 stars. (Big Thumbs Up)

    good learning

    the introduction give us to go on the next courses. the teacher speak clearly and is enjoyed to give us theses courses. so it's up to us to learn how to draw 3D architectural drawwings with triangles, papers,....

    What I was looking for

    I have been looking for a class that teaches classical perspective, and this is the one, I know this because of the tools I must purchase to do this class. I plan to use this class as the backbone of all my drawing skills to draw my comic book.

    So far so good

    The Educator seems to know what he is talking about.


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