Architecture Perspective Mastery

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  • Duration > 100 hours
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Short recap on perspective, get back in the game asap with a short recap on box perspective and constructed perspective.

An advanced, detailed house in axonometric and constructed perspective.

A complex perspective of a small office building.

A pavilion in constructed perspective, 1:50 facade and interior perspective.

A composition in constructed perspective and axonometric.

Recap all your freehand perspective with a real-life objects composition.

Master the cylinder house – complex, weird and innovative – the lesson features two variants – horizontal and vertical cylinder.

Draw and design an office building – 1:200 facades and axonometric feature for a different game altogether.

Learn how to draw the three essential types of box perspectives and thus understand everything that you see in space.

How to sketch a detailed cube and prism house.

The essential volumes (draw them in triple projection, axonometric and sketch), understand how their shadows logic applies to perspective.

Draw a constructed perspective, adapt it to the 3 types of box perspective and then draw a detailed cube house.

Learn how to draw people – upgrade your line drawing and give all your constructed perspective scale.

Draw and design an elegant cube house in perspective, planar/frontal view and axonometrics (also implies advanced architectural concept ideas and graphics).

Draw and design a dynamic prism house in perspective, planar/frontal view and axonometric (also upgrade your understanding of architectural visual language and arch graphics).

Learn one-point perspective and apply it to a simple pavilion – learn how to also draw the pavilion in planar/frontal view, axonometric and freehand perspective sketch.


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    There is a lot to take in.

    The title of the course sounds a bit daunting when in fact it is a good course in which to become confident in using the measuring and drawing tools one has to purchase in order to complete the course, and, I am becoming more aware of using tone and shadow and good outlines in the process. I am becoming more confident in perspective as I go along, too. The instructor is obviously very experienced and explains the course very carefully. There are skills here to be learn t that anyone who wants to draw well, most definitely needs to understand. I really enjoy the attention to geometric symmetry when drawing entourage/people/faces.

    Clear Explanation

    Very easy to understand

    I'm excited to continue this course

    The instructor seems very down to earth and likeable.

    Got the best out of me

    So far, So good and I am really excited to have taken up this much needed course. Thank you


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