Architecture Perspective Mastery


Short recap on perspective, get back in the game asap with a short recap on box perspective and constructed perspective.

An advanced, detailed house in axonometric and constructed perspective.

A complex perspective of a small office building.

A pavilion in constructed perspective, 1:50 facade and interior perspective.

A composition in constructed perspective and axonometric.

Recap all your freehand perspective with a real-life objects composition.

Master the cylinder house – complex, weird and innovative – the lesson features two variants – horizontal and vertical cylinder.

Draw and design an office building – 1:200 facades and axonometric feature for a different game altogether.

Learn how to draw the three essential types of box perspectives and thus understand everything that you see in space.

How to sketch a detailed cube and prism house.

The essential volumes (draw them in triple projection, axonometric and sketch), understand how their shadows logic applies to perspective.

Draw a constructed perspective, adapt it to the 3 types of box perspective and then draw a detailed cube house.

Learn how to draw people – upgrade your line drawing and give all your constructed perspective scale.

Draw and design an elegant cube house in perspective, planar/frontal view and axonometrics (also implies advanced architectural concept ideas and graphics).

Draw and design a dynamic prism house in perspective, planar/frontal view and axonometric (also upgrade your understanding of architectural visual language and arch graphics).

Learn one-point perspective and apply it to a simple pavilion – learn how to also draw the pavilion in planar/frontal view, axonometric and freehand perspective sketch.

constructed perspective mastery

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