Free Arch Drawing Webinar- September 17, 9 pm GMT

Live online event, maximum 200 spots available

You can join zoom without an account, only with your name and email.

If You Are Advanced:

  • This is the best refresher course out there – you will recap essential principles of architectural drawing.


  • You will build up on your weak spot – be it technical or freehand.


  • You will add an extra level of depth to principles you already know – constructed perspective / architectural compositions / constructed shadows.

If You Are A Complete Beginner:

  • The best start in the world for learning architectural drawing – both freehand and technical.


  • You will save a lot of wasted time spinning around in circles – really, the info in the course gets you a solid base in drawing.


  • Go through each lesson three times, to understand it – send over work for review if you want my input (which will save you more time and spinning around in circles).

Types of drawings we will be discussing:


If you always wanted to become the best at architectural drawing, but for some unknown reason, you couldn’t get there

If mastering arch drawing is something that you really want to learn and get in the top 5-10% in the world

If  you feel guility that you have all these cool ideas in your head, but you can’t bring them out for others to see

If you are afraid that you don’t know enough on architecture, like you are lacking those strong fundamentals that will make all the diference in the future

If you were looking for the architectural drawing tutor that has your best interest at heart, and genuinely wants you to succeed.

If you were hoping for some cool new idea, some inovation  that will help you make the jump forwards and then everything will be fine…

this is the time, this is the oportunity!

ACTION TIME! Join the webinar via whatsapp and I will see you on the other side!

Limited spots available!