Technical Drawing Mastery

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It is time to go for full mastery in technical drawing.

This means that your whole perception of drawing and architecture will change as you will transcend to a higher level of problem solving thinking.(the transition to mastery is much more complex than fron basic to advanced).

This training will be very difficult because it features 20 or so planar changes – these will force your mind to rise up to the challenge of drawing all these new exercises.

I have to be honest with you here, this is by far the most intellectually challenging training I created so far…

1.) You will struggle quite a bit and have to go through the same  multiple times until you finally understand it.

2.) You will inevitably fry your brain with each exercise so resist the temptation to quit – even if every little minute of the exercise seems painful (these moments of frustration is when you build up your spatial vision in real time).


This training is expert-level and to understand it you need to first go through the ‘technical drawing 101’ and ‘technical drawing advanced’ courses in order to keep up with the course.

How you will change:

  • become exponentially smarter in your architectural problem solving (even if you finished the previous two trainings on technical drawing or you already consider yourself architecturally smart)
  • Develop expert-level spatial vision and become able to understand and draw any complex task relating to technical drawing.
  • Become faster in your architectural left-brained, logical thinking and be able to draw faster (both technical and freehand drawing)

What you will learn:

-Go through the essential exercises of TDA one more time, so we are ready to tackle the complex exercises presented here

Three complex planar changes exercises: a volume made out of seven cubes in equilibrium, three tetrahedra and a sphere, three cubes and a sphere

-Third possible variation of cubes intersections, in this case between a cube and hexagonal pyramid

-Two cubes intersections, pyramid and prism intersection, two prisms intersection with common volume

-Complex sections and planar changes (these exercises will blow your mind)

-Advanced cast shadows to take your understanding of how constructed shadows work to the next level (in both triple projection and isometric axo)

-Complex roofing exercises – random angles roofing, different heights roofing and wall roofing (a massive upgrade from simple roofing exercises)

-Complex intersections and volume unwrapping for hexagonal prism, sectioned hexagonal pyramid and cube intersection (this is the most complex descriptive geometry I have personally come across)

-Icosahedron and dodecahedron intersections (more variations from the standard positions)


Come on, be honest with yourself…

Technical drawing has always made you uncomfortable…

Maybe that is because some times it worked and some times you had absolutely no clue what to do next.

This the reality of technical drawing and the truth is, it’s not even your fault.

I trust that nobody told you this so I will take the responsibility of telling you the truth about technical drawing:

The only way to get really good at technical and get that level by consistency (and not hope or guess you will know what to do) is by reaching mastery level from doing very complex exercises.

This is what I want you to achieve with this training! Click on the ‘add to cart’ button and I will see you on the inside!


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$97.00 $60.00

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