Advanced Material Graphics

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  • Duration 50 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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Drawing materials is like a bridge you have to cross in your architectural drawing journey:

once you know how to draw the main three materials (glass, wood and metal) you will start a chain reaction and everything from hatching to line drawing will improve.

The next level after this comes when you add color to the mix – obviously drawing some materials in black and white is much easier than drawing them in colored crayons… but again your focus needs to be on getting the materials to look real.

And the final part to the mix is drawing weird materials like drawing a cube made out of wax or drawing a cube made out of fabric.

Drawing these unconventional materials will build you a more free flowing graphics style and take your creative thinking to the next level.

After you master all these stages, your drawings will get that edge to them like you really understand the specifics of what you are drawing there.

How you will change and grow after finishing this course:

  • Take your graphics and drawing style to the next level by drawing complex materials and textures.
  • Become much more creative and free flowing in your freehand drawing, start using more unconventional and artistic graphics techniques
  • Develop a new graphic style that will take your conceptual thinking to the next level – a better drawing style will get you a more evolved artistic thinking.


What you will learn:


  • Simple volumes composition to get you started on absolute basics of materials
  • 30 materials (black and white and basic textures)
  • 30 materials (black and white, colored and weird textures)
  • Sensitive composition where you use what you learned for the first materials
  • Sensitive composition where you apply the weird materials in colored crayon
  • Rotation object where you practice wood, glass and steel (the three most essential materials)
  • Poster design to practice color composition, concept, materials and colors
  • Abstract art composition to practice drawing weird volumes
  • Animal skulls to get a cleaner line drawing


Knowing how to draw better materials and getting better graphics go hand in hand… you can hope that just by trying things out you will stumble upon some of the principles in this training.

That will most likely not work and will only get you inconsistent results. Focus on this training, really put in the effort and go through the material three times… then you are set for life!

$97.00 $60.00

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