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Meet Your new drawing tutor

I have taught over 300 live students and 7000 online students via my video trainings. You can ask me anything about the lessons, your sticking points, things you want to learn;

I attract the highest quality students which you will learn a lot from – not like architecture school where you have that top 20% and then the other people. Here everyone is top 20%;

Discipline – lessons will be delivered to you on time, at the specific hour, the personalised feedback will also be on time -s so you get that sense of stability, like what you want to learn is really happening, you can count on it;

Clear, actionable feedback that will always get you one step closer to your goals. No really, all the feedback you will ever hear from me is like a sniper shot directly at the weakness in your drawing skills.

Content (coursework)

Each lesson is tacking one specific subject like how to draw and design barrel vaulting, drawing a constructed perspective and so on;

We delve deep – once you go through the lesson and learn the specific insight you will have it for life;

Each lesson is organised and optimised for you to get 150% out of it!

You have an intro, main lesson, hatching, crit and speed up version.


1-to-1 Although this is an online course, you will only get personalised, specific feedback that always hits the mark!

You will build your own unique drawing style;

We will work with your own ideas;

I will address your own specific sticking point.

Study Schedule

Part 1 fundamental abilities and skills;

Part 2 getting the creative edge;

Part 3 drawing and design;

12 weeks of architectural drawing lessons = 24 arch drawing lessons in total;

weekly personalised feedback session = 12 personalised feedback sessions;

2 lessons/week = 10 hours of drawing practice/week = 120 hours of drawing practice in total!


Freehand drawing

Express yourself freely through your freehand sketching and drawing;

Improve your graphics 10x, beyond anything you imagined you can do;

Sketch everything from simple modernist designs to advanced urban and product design;

Finally understand how two-point and one-point perspective work;

Feel and understand the thinking and theory behind architectural composition;

Build your unique drawing style which is 100% unique to you.

Technical Drawing

Get the clean and crisp technical drawing graphics you always wanted;

You will draw technical drawing at an advanced level;

All your technical drawings look precise and professional;

Upgrade your spatial vision – the ability to see volumes in space;

You get that by understand triple projection – frontal, planar and side views and axonometrics;

Become more organised and smart in your design work.

Drawing and Design 

Explore house designs (refresh your creativity and design skills);

Get new insight in how to create unique design ideas by drawing them;

Apply everything you learned in freehand and technical drawing;

Get the creative edge you have wanting to find in your own design work;

Build up your own concepts – here we will work on giving all drawings your own idea twist.

The types of drawings we will be producing together:

I'm really happy to write a positive review for the FreehandArchitecture course. First of all I congratulate Michele, for the great advice and for his cordiality in explaining things, all perfect for the photos and videos I saw on the site, I started that I had no experience with free hand perspectives ... during these months I have seen a considerable improvement in this aspect with an unexpected naturalness. Surely, I would highly recommend to everyone this wonderful experience not only for the course itself but also for the seriousness and professionalism of Michael always and only determined to make you reach your goal!!!      

Umberto M, Architect

crits 5
Hi Michael! Just wanted to say thanks so much for your help improving my drawing skills. You really reignited my passion for drawing and I feel like I now have comprehensive understanding of the foundations I needed to take my hand drawings to the next level.
Learning proper composition has really made a difference. Thanks again for being so patient and not giving up on me!

Felix M, RIBA Architect

If you dream of becoming an architect or of refining your architectural talents, this course is highly recommended. Lessons are well explained and you get to do a lot of interesting exercises. Very great course.      

Usongo A, Structural Engineer

I think that Michael’s courses is really fantastic. Being able to go to a class with someone who knows and cares about the material so much is a blessing .He is a genuinely good proffesor who cares a lot about the success of his students . I really enjoyed this courses. 10/10 would recommend.  

Anamaria B, Architecture Student

I have truly enjoyed the FreehandArchitecture class.I've been taking this course last year and every lesson helped me improving my drawing.This course will take you from having little knowledge in drawing to creating advanced architecture drawings with deep understanding of drawing fundamentals.You only need to be patient,persistent and motivate to achieve really good skills.  

Florentina N, Architecture Student

Your lessons were all I needed to learn the design of architecture and not only. With their help, I managed to learn in 7 months how to draw expressively and sensitively, and the drawings I am doing now, with everything I have learned are even better than those my friends do after studying 4 years at the art high school.    

M S, Architecture Student

I started taking this class last year, as a beginner, and my drawing skills have improved exponentially due to my tutor’s perseverence and desire to teach us architectural drawing. He is a genuinely passionate and hard working teacher who cares about each student and offers individual feedback on every drawing, thus helping us improve and grow on so many levels. I recommend this course to everyone interested in drawing and design, since it has helped me a lot to develop my drawing skills and creativity.

Adina B, Architecture Student