Hi, Michael N here…

So you are probably asking yourself who am and why should you listen to me?

Well, I am just a normal guy, but the thing is several years ago I have made a decision to absolutely master architecture drawing and design.

Back then I was still in architecture school… and things got really bad…

I was so behind in my abilities that I could hardly finish any designs on time so was behind on all deadlines.

I walked around feeling trapped, like all my inner creative juices, stopped flowing and I could not express any of the many creative ideas that were floating around in my brain.


If that was not enough, at one point I really lost self-esteem in myself and my dreams around architecture – ‘ if I wasn’t able to draw a building, then how in the world will I be able to design it?!’


So one day I made a commitment to myself: either really master architectural drawing and express my full creative potential or just quit on my dreamsand become a duck farmer in my hometown.

I hustled and did my absolute best to reinvent myself and to constantly upgrade all my skills… and it worked!

All my designs were consistently in the top 5% of all the submissions, I developed an unique drawing style and got a bit of notoriety because of my drawing skills (like a was some sort of local celebrity in all my social circles).

The crazy part was that one day I was sketching a quick design for my studio at the time.

And I was completely wrecked – had 3 hours of sleep, just lost all my drawing tools and had to resort to drawing everything in highlighters and pen (the type of pen you used in fifth class mathematics)

Also, because of ‘unforeseen circumstances’ I started the design 2 hours late, so had to really push it.


I managed to finish the design on time (which looking back was quite complicate: it had facades, plans, a couple of interior and exterior perspectives).


At the last 20% of finishing the drawing I noticed that people started circling around me and just looking at my drawing board which had all drawings on it.

I literally had five people just looking at me hatching a perspective with a blank look on their faces.

Ok, keep in mind, I was focused on getting the work done – so the first thing that crossed my mind was that ‘cheeky b*stards, they just want to steal my ideas’

But later it clicked! They weren’t trying to rip on my designs, but they were looking in shock because they haven’t seen something like that before.

But here’s the really weird part – about thirty or so students in, I have noticed that things which clicked really easily for some students, were a complete nightmare for others.

I mean, beyond the fact that you naturally either like some parts of the drawing process more than the others…

It got really crazy and I really put the time to develop a way to get to the real problem behind the problem.

Although it was really taboo at the time, I struggled to get answers to real pressing questions such as:

How do you develop genuine architectural creativity which is always there for you?

What isyournatural strong point in arch drawing and how can youdevelop it?

Keep in mind, I originally got notoriety for my drawing techniques… so we mixed both areas into a concoction that gave out crazy results and got all my students deep, inner change.

Like I could look in their eyes and tell that something was different about them after finishing each the lessons. And with each generation of students, the teaching techniques got better and better, and the results just became insane to say the least.


So I got a simple question for you:

Do you want to create the beast architectural drawing work that you ever did in your professional career?