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5 Essential Drawing Lessons Directly In Your Inbox

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  • Basic Box Perspectives

  • Isometrics And Technical Drawing

  • Simple volumes Composition

  • Simple volumes isometrics

  • Constructed Perspective

If You Are Advanced:

  • This is the best refresher course out there – you will recap essential principles of architectural drawing.


  • You will build up on your weak spot – be it technical or freehand.


  • You will add an extra level of depth to principles you already know – constructed perspective / architectural compositions / constructed shadows.

If You Are A Complete Beginner:

  • The best start in the world for learning architectural drawing – both freehand and technical.


  • You will save a lot of wasted time spinning around in circles – really, the info in the course gets you a solid base in drawing.


  • Go through each lesson three times, to understand it – send over work for review if you want my input (which will save you more time and spinning around in circles).

Action Time!

The Only Tools You Need:

A dozen A4 sheets.

2-3 sharpened  2B pencil.

30 and 45 degree triangles

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