Urban Design 101

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Urban Design 101 Previews from Michael Neatu on Vimeo.

Time to tackle urban design. This is going to be something completely different than anything we did before – mostly because urban design work at a larger scale and has a different pattern of thinking (both creative and problem-solving)

We will deal with specific elements of urban design

The format for this course is different, as you will need to have a decent level of graphics and visual culture in order to be able to understand urban design drawing.

Whilst graphics aren’t the most important thing, your focus needs to be on expressing urban design through all your drawings so it is clear you have an understanding of all the principles behind urban design.


How you will change

  • Get a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of both classical and modern urban design.
  • Get experience in drawing and designing detailed urban design assignments.
  • Modulate your thinking so it fits the specific logical and artistic needs to of urban design drawing


What you will learn:

  • Detailed introduction where you learn about box perspectives, axonometrics and triple projections and simple volumes
  • Simple volumes composition that will act as a base for future urban compositions
  • The five fundamental principles of urban design each expressed in a specific, detailed drawing
  • Landscape entourage elements to make urban designs look better and more realistic
  • Classical architecture examples as references for urban design
  • Modern architecture examples as references for urban design
  • Design a urban square, tower and colonnade
  • Urban design assignment on designing a large scale urban composition with repetitive elements
  • Draw and design a street in eye-level, detailed perspective


Admit it, urban design has always been a fascination of yours but you somehow missed on understanding its core essence. You no have a choice – you can stick to what you already know and hope you will accidently stumble upon the secret of drawing and designing urban design…

Or you can get this course and get there the fastest way possible.

Click on the ‘add to cart button’ and I will see you on the inside!


Michael N

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