Line Drawing Advanced

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Time to take your architectural line drawing to the next level!

In this course you will learn how to draw advanced architectural objects by freehand or using a triangle.

We will mainly focus on be on detailing – how to correctly sketch and draw detailed architectural drawings at line level.


How you will change:

  • Get used to drawing extremely detailed line drawing of buildings
  • Be more comfortable and confident while freehand sketching
  • Get a clear crisp line drawing for architecture drawings where it will be easy to render after

In this course you will learn:

  • Recap on line drawing for two point and one point perspective
  • Extremely detailed renaissance, mannerist and classical architecture at line drawing level
  • Modern architecture line drawing where you need to add a lot of proportion and precision
  • Cars and space ship line drawing, get details right at freehand level
  • Furniture exercise where again you need to mix proportion within freehand sketching
  • Detailed interior sketching at freehand level
  • Four types of houses with different structural systems
  • Draw a wooden structure gazebo
  • A metal structure industrial warehouse one point perspective

This course is very challenging as it will force you to tackle line drawing at a very complex level.

But if you make it through, then you got a solid skill that you can use for anything else you want in architecture.

Do not get this course unless you are ready to make a massive forward leap in your skill.

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