Hatching and Color Composition 101

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Hatching And Color Composition 101 – Preview from Michael Neatu on Vimeo.

This course will tackle colour composition and how to get architectural drawings that look better because they are colored better.

First things first, what is to color in architectural drawing? Do we just go for random coloring anything? NO

We always color the materiality and shadows for our volume.

The first thing you need to know here is that the two main coloring compositions are black and white and colored.

Black and white can also have a warm color added on top so you get a more dynamic effect.


Now that we got that out of the way, we will talk coloring…

Stage one is to use a ‘color lens’ composition, where everything you draw is hatched in one single colour – even the shadows, materials, everything.

Stage two is when you add two complementary colors that will work together.

You can go and another color as an accent – it needs to stay though in the 80/20 ration – 80% is the main color and 20% is the secondary one.

After you get familiarised with this, you got the ‘color jump’ part where it is really easy to mix and match multiple colors together.


How you will change:

  • Take everything you thought about coloring and hatching to the next level.
  • Be able to have at least three color schemes for each drawing you do
  • Make any color composition you want to try out work
  • You will get line drawing examples from drawing that you can just print off and start coloring on the spot.
  • Practice the black and white color composition with simple volumes composition, real objects composition and classical orders sketch
  • Learn how to combine one color with black and white in self portrait, cube house and prism house
  • Learn about complementary colors with the cylinder house, metal structure and electric drill assignments
  • Use multiple colors and the ‘color jump’ technique with assignments such as the four types of houses, rotation object, toy design and poster design
  • How to get the perfect color composition for your drawing is going to be something impossible to understand on your own…

And if you get it right it is going to be by chance and impossible to replicate in other contexts.

I want you to skip all of that struggle and just learn everything you need in order to get the best drawings in your life that will look like they are literally jumping off the page.


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Michael N

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