Crits Library Extreme Volume 1

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Crits Library Extreme Volume 1 – Preview from Michael Neatu on Vimeo.

You have absolutely no clue on your own potential to get fantastic at architectural drawing.

Let me tell you, I know this is true about yourself, because I know it to be true with myself as well!


Every new arch drawing assignment is like your brain resets and you forget everything you needed to know on the topic. You begin to doubt yourself and literally have no clue how to start your work.


There is one antidote to this – and it comes in the form of looking at reference materials! So you looking up examples of drawings which fit your assignment idea and use them to get your started with either graphics or concept.


If you just look at these images (never mind starting to sketch them) your imagination will have a much stronger take on creating everything you want it to create.

You will get sticking points over and over again in your arch drawing journey – there is just no way around this and that is 100% fine!


Yes, sometimes it is  good to see a drawing that is 60% there because it shows you the exact sticking points of the author and thus helps you overcome the same sticking point.

What you get inside this course:


  • 9 Crits on how to draw and design basic architecture compositions: self portrait, simple objects, descriptive geometry, real objects.
  • 8 Crits on advanced compositions including conceptual composition, abstract art composition and y.
  • 8 Crits on basic technical drawing where you learn all about axonometrics, cast shadows, simple axonometrics and basic descriptive geometry exercises.
  • 1 Crit of advanced technical drawing where we will tackle complex descriptive geometry as well as graphics techniques and basic logic inconsistencies for complex exercises.
  • 8 Crits of basic building where we tackle – basic sticking points with the thinking and designing of simple houses and building with the focus on perspective mistakes.
  • 7 Crits of advanced buildings where you see how to go past sticking points in more detailed conceptual thinking.
  • 16 Crits of architecture history where we tackle.
  • 10 Crits of interior and product design where you get more exposure to possible mistakes that can happen with design graphics and thinking.


How you will change

  • Get over any sticking point you will ever have, as you will see numerous other examples of work and how to get past the specific sticking point of each
  • Learn from other people’s ideas – see a plethora of examples for concept work and graphics, which you can use as references for your own work
  • Build up your visual culture on the spot by seeing over 600 references for graphics, concept, problem solving and everything else.


I will throw a simple challenge to you: I challenge you to 30 days of watching 15 minutes of these video crits and just sketching 2-3 thumbnails for each drawing that you feel is relevant to you.


Do this for 30 days and you will reinvent the way you think and do architectural drawing.

Hit that ‘add to cart’ button and I will see you on the inside,


Michael N

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