Architecture Sketching Volume 2

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Volume two of architecture sketching is going to tackle quickly draw on the spot – be it for visually communicating your ideas or for generating new concepts.

But what actually makes for a good architecture sketch?

Being able to combine real, practical knowledge of architecture with graphics that are expressive and can be done on the spot.

There is only one way of learning  this – by sketching a variety of architecture subjects and getting better at each drawing.

How you will change:

  •  Build up you repertoire of different drawing subjects
  •  Get more expressive graphics
  •  Learn to sketch faster and to think with pen on paper

What you will learn from this course:

  • Get more experience with generating building concepts by sketching four new houses
  • Experiment with Deconstructivism by sketching a cube on diagonal house
  • Understand the inside spaces logic of buildings by studying building sections
  • Sketch and practice structure systems with wood and metal.
  • Study  art and abstract and conceptual compositions
  • Sketch and understand a bathroom and bedroom
  • Practice advanced materials and build up on your previous experience with materials graphics
  • Get used to landscape design graphics by sketching garden designs
  • Take you urban design principles to the next level
  • Study and understand Medieval, Renaissance and Modernist architecture

Getting good at sketching architecture is a matter of ‘perfect practice makes perfect’.

Of course, anything you do will get you some results and if you just want to settle for average or get all these skills by yourself, on your own terms, I honestly think that you will waste a lot of time and will miss key subtle insights.

But if you want to grow your arch sketching tenfold, get the most hardcore, efficient training in architectural sketching, then click on the ‘add to cart’ button and I will see you on the inside!

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