Architecture Sketching Volume 1


​​What you will learn:

  • Learn the fundamentals and sketch a cube and prism house.
  • Sketch pavilion designs with unusual geometry and concepts.
  • Sketch three interpretations of the same volumetry for an office building design.
  • Draw four types of houses (you can use a ruler here to get more clarity).
  • Sketch perspectives and objects for kitchen design.
  • Sketch perspectives and objects for living.
  • Learn to draw essential material textures.
  • Study and draw fundamental urban design principles.
  • Sketch mesopotamian and paleolithic architecture.
  • Sketch ancient greek architecture.
  • Sketch early modernist, expressionist and art deco buildings.

Disclaimer: Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for getting formal architectural education. Good luck! ©2008-2017 Architectural Graphics Ltd, All Rights Reserved. "Freehand Architecture" and "Advanced Drawing And Design" are trademarks used by Architectural Graphics Ltd.

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