Architectural Line Drawing 101

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Architectural Line Drawing 101 – Preview from Michael Neatu on Vimeo.

Line drawing counts for 80% of any drawing you ever did and will ever do.

Really, think about it – the precise line drawing is what makes your drawings look architectural. Sometimes, that implies using free flowing lines, sometimes it requires you using a ruler to get a more crisp graphics effect.


Both cases work in the specific context – you only need the right training that will get you ‘thinking with lines’. You will understand how line drawing works and how to consistently get good results with it.

Line drawing is a part of architectural graphics that you need to focus on specifically, if you want to get results that have long-lasting impact.


How you will change:

  • Understand and architecturally draw at line level anything you come across in your career
  • Get a clean, crisp and precise freehand drawing – be able to draw free flowing lines by hand
  • Upgrade your drawing style, get your drawings to look good just at line drawing level


What you will learn:

  • Practice your freehand lines with simple volumes and real objects composition
  • Get more detailed compositions with self portraits and classical orders
  • Get free flowing lines with several types of entourage.
  • Start drawing lines using a triangle with constructed two point and constructed one point perspective
  • Detail your constructed perspectives with drawing two detailed perspectives in different contexts
  • More triangle line drawing with the cube and prism house constructed perspectives
  • Specific level of detailing
  • Kitchen and electric drill designs to get your detailing used to another scale
  • Mix line drawing and entourage with drawing the urban design and landscape design
  • Add in massive detailing whilst drawing more product design and playground castle


Admit it, you always had that frustration of not being able to draw straight free flowing lines.

That is fine, this happens because of your lack of understanding of what makes an architectural line drawing look (like it has been drawn by an architect)


My training is going to fix all of that and get your skills and thinking to the next level.


Click on that ‘add to cart’ button and I will see you on the inside!


Michael N

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