Architectural Composition Advanced

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Architectural Composition Advanced – Preview from Michael Neatu on Vimeo.

It is time to go advanced with your architectural composition abilities.

This means that you will leave behind what you already know and get closer to your own unique thinking and drawing style.


We will go through more advanced and subtle composition assignments and those will build up your abilities in proportions, drawing materials and drawing more detailed, advanced volumes whilst expressing more subtle concepts in your drawing.


Note: To understand everything in this training, you need to first finish the architectural composition 101 training as that will handle the fundamentals you need to know.


How you will change:

  • Get a next level understanding of architectural composition with more subtleties both in ideas and in graphics.
  • Get a stronger focus on conceptual thinking and start developing your own unique vision on architecture.
  • Get some serious experience in conceptual thinking with expressing many abstract ideas through graphics.


What you will learn:

  • Recap on architectural composition fundamentals to get get back on track with the theory and graphics
  • Build up a narrative for conceptual compositions with part two of this advanced exercise in conceptual composition
  • Understand proportions and vary your graphics with the 6 graphics styles composition exercise
  • Poster design to practice composition, coloring and concept
  • For understand the three essential materials (wood, glass, metal) with the rotation object exercise
  • Get used to drawing objects which are in front of you by drawing a static nature composition
  • Practice simple and unconventional materials with the sensitive composition assignments
  • Practice concept and graphics in colored crayons with the conceptual art composition

Being original in your design ideas is not a factor of luck or inspiration, but rather the direct result of mastering architectural composition – in terms of thinking and graphics.

This is what I want you to get from this course – the easiest, most efficient way to upgrade your mindset and graphics for all your future architectural compositions and designs.


Michael N

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