Architectural Composition 101



What you will learn in this course:
  • How to draw all the simple box perspectievs that will give you the fundamental of understanding architectural drawing and how to draw everything in composition.
  • Cube and prism house as practice for you detailing in freehand sketching and that will set up a solid base for future conceptual work.
  • Simple volumes that you will draw in technical drawing and freehand skteches – you will understand their logic and how to use them as builing blocks for your future compositions.
  • Simple volumes composition – apply what you learned in the previous lesson in your first proper abstract architectural composition.
  • Howt o add even more drawing detaling via drawing a real objects composition (this will give you a core feeling about what architectural composition is and how to get it right even when you are using boring day-to-day objects).
  • Draw and design your first conceptual composition where you express your abstract self-portrait and get your first introduction to abstract architectural coloring.
  • Extend your paradigm of composition to technical drawing and learn how to draw a constructed perspective.
  • Use what you previously learned by drawing an abstract composition first in technical drawing (triple projection and axonometric), then draw it in a detailed constructed perspective.
  • Get the fundamentals right for abstract composition – your first proper ‘weird’ composition, expand your creative thinking and architectural graphics.
How you will change after finishing this course:
  • You will learn how to translate your ideas from imagination on to paper and then represent them in stunning hand rendered visuals.
  • You will upgrade the clarity and expressiveness of your creative ideas, be able to come up with ideas on the spot just by sketching!
  • You will learn how to make any architectural idea look good by applying architectural concepts and theory to it.
To sum it up, what you will get with this course:
  • Full lifetime access to all the trainings and all future updates
  • Over 20 hours of HD-quality video content
  • 90 videos teaching you 9 essential lessons to learn architectural technical drawing
  • 18 video crits that show you how your work should look like
  • 9 printer-ready PDFs

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