Axonometric Mastery Ultimate

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Did you ever want to use axonometrics as a part of your design arsenal but couldn’t?

Can a concept drawing for a design be a axonometric?

Can you draw an axonometric drawing that looks artistic?

In this training we are going to talk about getting a firm understanding of axonometrics as a design tool and as a final presentation drawing.

How you will change:

  •  Upgrade your spatial vision by understanding how to draw axonometrics in multiple coordinate systems with cast shadows.
  •  Get excellent technical drawing graphics: a sharp, clear line drawing with minimum to no smudging
  •  Master axonometrics as one of the key tools in your drawing and design arsenal

What you will learn

  • Understand how to draw simple volumes in isometric axonometrics
  • Finally master constructed cast shadows in axonometric (the technique applies to perspective as well)
  • Upgrade your spatial vision with 3d vision axonometrics
  • Learn to draw a wooden structure gazebo in isometric at 1:20 scale
  • Learn to draw a steel structure warehouse at 1:100 scale
  • Learn how to draw a urban axonometric at 1:500 scale
  • Take your understanding of axonometric graphics further with the four types of axonometric
  • Understand simpel barrel vaulting and how to draw it in multiple variants
  • Draw a simple 1:50 scale pavilion in isometric axonometric

This course definitely isn’t for everyone – most architects do not see the opportunity in mastering axonometrics and hence miss out on one of the most important drawing and design tools out there.

But you are not most architects – if you want to get excellent technical drawing graphics as well as reinvent the way you use and design with axonometrics, then click on the ‘add to cart’ button and I will see you on the inside!



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