You will likely encounter stages in your arch drawing journey when you will doubt yourself and your vision for what you want to create in the world.

This happens because you know, manifesting new stuff in the world is always something complicated as it requires A LOT of blood, sweat and tears to see it through.

You know, for a design you can go for the safe, ‘vanilla’ option or you can reinvent a lot of things, even reinvent the type of thinking that goes into constructing your idea from zero.

You know when you got an idea that is so out that that you can’t even draw it?

I mean you do not know how to draw it because you need to invent a new technique of thinking that you need to create.

Focusing on what you want to create is what will keep all that mental clutter in order and keep all the anxiety away.

Will it work 100% of the time? YES

Mostly because you rewire the standard way your mind works and thus transcend to a new level of awareness.

How can you just focus on what you want to create?

Use this technique every time you feel that anxiety biting on your creative energy…

You know, that cold feeling in your guy like ‘snaaap, how am I going to make this happen arghhh… it is too hard I need to stop’

When that comes up the default reaction is the instinctual one – so you start doubting yourself and stop from pushing forward with your ideas and vision.

‘Maybe it’s all in my mind and there’s something wrong with me and I should just stop and do things the proper, safe way’

By the way, I am writing this because I myself have suffered from this a lot in my past and am suffering from it as I am writing this haha.

It never really got to me that I stopped following my own vision, but it did slow be down and bogged my mind in things that aren’t that necessary.

I will break down the technique of focusing on what you want to create into three steps that you need to integrate in the way you are seeing things day in day out.


Safe is risky, risky is safe.

You usually get the best results from risking with your ideas – I mean it’s not just a a matter of blindly following through with simple ideas that you feel are safe.

Being safe, making sure your perspectives are 100% correct instead of focusing on making them as expressive as possible is what will get you mediocre results.

The other thing you can do is to go for the first idea that comes in your mind (and that usually is the most bold of all) and take things from there.

You can trust yourself to figure things out along the way and let the drawing evolve its own way.

Never think that following what others have to say about your own creative vision is something worth taking into consideration – if it is good or bad… you go for your own inuition and instincts… do not dillute them for the apparent quick fix of other’s thinking.

Don’t be closed minded to the point where you isolate yourself from real life, also do not dilute the depth of your own creative vision. You need to think this one through ; )


You will feel self-doubt just before creating your best work.

I have seen this numerous numerous times with my students as well as with my own work…

If I think a piece of work took me A LOT of time and it ends up offending me or being something that is just really bad quality but I have to hand it in as it will probably be the best work I have ever created.

You can take this as a defense mechanism of your brain… like your mind tries to defend itself from you forcing it to change the whole paradigm of the world.

Bottom line: self-doubt will always be there and the only thing you can do is to focus on creating the work all the way to the end, just for your enjoyment of the process… if you are not sure of the quality of the end result.

And you know what? F*ck the end result, just go for your enjoyment of the work – that should be enough to get you insane results.


Focus on the one next thing you can do to make your vision possible.

Sometimes you will lose your way in your arch drawing journey. This happens because of many reasons – life gets in the way, the assignment is too taxing on your mind, you are having a hard time understanding everything you want to draw and so on.

What to do then?

Just go for the next action step that comes to your mind.


I do not know how to finish my composition on abstract art… the line drawing evolved (or devolved) into something that is beyond my current ability to finish in a predictable way… so the end drawing will be A LOT different than anything I imagined previously.

So I am stuck – I have no idea what to do next.

Well, what’s one action step I can take to finish my drawing?

I can finish constructing the cast shadows and then hatch the cast and volume shadows for my composition… just like that. Boom, let’s get it started.

Taking continuous, focused action is what will push your understanding of drawing and architecture to the next level.

Just like that, you create your own path through the world.


So now that you know all these things, what can you do to apply everything to your work?


One way I kind of trick myself into taking action for my vision is by applying the ‘hat over the wall technique’

This implies that if you want to jump a wall the easiest way to do so is by throwing your hat over the wall so you are forced to jump the wall in order to get my hat back.

Go do that and here’s a couple of videos that I think will help you along the way.


Take care, draw nicely!

By the way, if you really want to take your arch drawing game to the next level, then I recommend you go for the online classes. Here you will get customised feedback for all your work and you can just grow and improve all your abilities in arch drawing.

Here’s the link to join the online classes.


Talk to you in a bit,



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