Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Finally Learn The Graphics Skills That Architecture School Could NEVER Teach You…

You can do this by following a simple LOGICAL Structure to learning architectural drawing and design, explained like never before!

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Easy to follow, step-by-step lessons that cover all styles and types of architectural drawing.


Fun, ‘sniper rifle’ type of lessons which will get you success after success, skill after skill in drawing and design


Positive and supportive work environment, constructive criticism offered in precise and friendly manner.

Master Architectural Graphics Once And For All

  • Freehand Architecture and Michael Neatu teaches architects regardless of age or experience freehand architectural drawing and design as well as other architectural graphics media.
  • After following my lessons you will get expert-level proficiency in architectural graphics  as well as new mental tools and creative abilities that will improve the graphics, quality and effectiveness of all your design work..
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  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced concepts of Descriptive Geometry which will add you an extra edge in technical thinking
  • Master problem solving and get the mental precision of a technical genius.
  • Develop 3d vision through understanding plans, sections and scaling in architectural drawing.
  • Master 2d geometry by using descriptive geometry construction techniques
  • How to hand draw plans, sections and elevations in a way that saves you time
  • How to educated yourself to excel in technical drawing and technical thinking
  • How to draw axonometrics and later use them in your design work
  • The most important graphic techniques for technical drawing and how to make them work for you

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